Prominent North American B2B Advertising Agency, Quarry Integrated Communications, is sold.

A management buyout has been completed as of April 4, 2022, which sees four senior leaders of Quarry acquire 100% ownership of the 49-year-old firm.

“This is a win-win-win deal ” stated Alan Quarry former Chair and majority shareholder of QIC. ” The Quarry clients, shareholders and team will all benefit from this well-organized transition.”

The three senior QIC shareholders, Glen Drummond, Ken Whyte and Quarry himself have now resigned from their roles as board members and as participants in the organization. “We think a clean break is best for everyone plus all three of us have exciting new projects already on the go. We started this succession plan over five years ago so there has been plenty of time to make key adjustments.”

The new owners, with equal shareholdings, are Tony Mohr, Meredith Fuller, Mandey Moote and Richard Hill. All have been with the Quarry team for more than 15 years each. ” There have been several serious offers over the years from other agencies and holding companies to purchase Quarry Integrated. My other shareholders and I decided that selling-in to the current leadership was a better solution than selling-out to another company.  The three of us are very proud of what we have achieved over the years and frankly did not want to see our culture and talented team packaged up and sold to strangers.” stated Quarry.

Quarry Integrated Communications is now recognized as one of the top 15 Business to Business advertising agencies in North America. More than 85% of the organization’s revenue comes from clients in the United States. R.M.Quarry Advertising Agency was started by Bob Quarry in 1973. Alan Quarry joined the firm in 1983 after leaving a head office marketing manager role with one of Canada’s leading financial institutions. He was the third RMQ employee and the office was located in the basement of his family’s home. Alan Quarry purchased the business in 1988 and changed the name to Quarry Communications. Drummond and Whyte became shareholders in 1995.

“The three outgoing shareholders are very happy with the succession plan and we wish the new owners all the best. The four of them are extremely talented and savvy business people. They’ll do very well. stated Quarry.

Alan Quarry will continue to build the HeartBeatsHate nonprofit he founded as well as the AQs Blog and Grill podcast and consulting firm BarnRaising Associates. His email remains until March 31, 2023.

Quarry Integrated Communications will continue to be based in St. Jacobs, Ontario Canada.